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Looking for a Stocky Alternative?

Horse is a modern, magical, and intuitive alternative to Stocky for optimizing inventory and productivity.

How Horse is a better alternative to
Stock in 10 seconds

Not just POS

Horse was made to support both online, offline business and multi-channel businesses

User friendly

It’s quick to start and works just like Shopify


Get tons of features that help you grow your business rapidly

I created Horse because I was fed up by everything else I had used. I was so fed up that I quit my job and spent 2 years building Horse. I had tried Stocky (broken), Stitch (buggy), Order Hive (terrible user experience), and many more. I would have loved to not write my own, but ultimately I had to.

Marc Beaupré | CEO, Horse

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Comparison - Horse vs Stocky

Finding the right inventory managment system for your business can be quite a hassle, and with a plethora of options available in the market, it becomes even more crucial to research several options and then choose what best fits your needs. Here is how Horse is a better alternative to Stocky.



Just Shopify

Just Shopify

Built in



Transfer Orders

Purchase Orders


Inventory syncing


Historical inventory viewing

Inventory alerts

Only on-demand

Inventory advice

Demand forecasting

Only for purchase orders

Full Shopify invegration

Multiple Shopify stores

Inventory history

CSV import and export

Only for purchase orders

Inventory valuation

Personal support from the CEO

(per month)
Starting at $0
Shopify plan + $89 USD/month per location
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How Horse delivers better value than Stocky?


Give me, Marc, the CEO of Horse, a call on my cell: +1-514-943-8996 and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out. Or email

Easy to setup

Just 2 clicks to install. Horse imports everything from your Shopify shop. There’s nothing more to configure.

Value for money

Horse does the work of software that costs 10x more.

Easy to use

Horse’s interface is the same as you’re already familiar from Shopify.

Pays for itself

By following Horse’s advice, you should be able to increase your sales by preventing stockouts and lowering inventory overhead costs.

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Features that make
Horse stand out

Fast and mobile friendly

Like any app built in the last few years, Horse is fast and responsive. Everything you have come to expect from modern applications.

Select all

Sometimes a simple feature makes all the difference - the ability to move all inventory from one location to another or buy all products from a vendor in a single click.

Time saving
Predict demand

Going on instinct doesn’t cut it these days. Horse takes the guessing our of Never guess again at what you need to order from your suppliers. With Horse you can anticipate future demand and get ahead of your customers.

Familiar inferace

We use the same interface and terminology as Shopify. You’ll feel immediately at home


They’re like regular stocktakes, but much faster.


Keep it simple stupid. Horse has everything you need and nothing more.

Shopify 1st

Horse only supports Shopify. That means it’s our only focus. It’s our obsession. Horse works like no other inventory management app can.

Simple syncing

Just set your SKUs and Horse does the rest. Yes it’s really that simple.

Inventory awareness

Timely advice about what to buy, how much to buy, when to buy it and where to ship it to.

time saving
A free employee

Horse thinks like a dedicate inventory manager so that you can focus on growing your business. Horse is always thinking about what you should be doing with your inventory.

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Always an escape

With CSV exporting and importing for almost every feature, Horse make it easy to use the escape to Excel to do what you need to.

The 1 minute perfect Purchase Order

You’ll have to see it to believe but with Horse’s demand forecasting you can make the perfect purchase order in just a few clicks.

Out with the slow sellers

Horse is always analysing your sales to give you the best advice on which products are just taking up space in your warehouse.

time saving
Please the accountant

Horse Time Travel feature can give you the value of your inventory on any date. Perfect for tracking your inventory on your balance sheet.

Master complexity

Horse is made to overcome the complexities of your business. Whether that be multiple SKUs, vendors, locations, or a highly seasonality or growing business, Horse can handle it.

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Proactive not reactive

By the time you notice an inventory problem, it’s probably too late. With Horse always looking at the future, you’ll spot danger in time to prevent disaster.

Made by a Shopify store owner
for shopify store owners

I’m one of you (since 2011).

Keep Shopify

Shopify is still your hub. Horse will never force you to abandon Shopify. You can still use all of your other Shopify apps like always.

No more Excel

With Horse’s powerful features, you’ll never need to whip our Excel again!

Multiple stores

Horse can connect all of your Shopify stores together. And we’ll only charge you once.

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See the future (and the past)

With Horse you can see the past and future of your inventory.


Products come in and out of fashion. What’s popular one day might change the next. You need to react to rapidly changing trends. With Horse, you can.

Inventory intelligence

Always know what’s going on with your inventory

Time saving

And learn why everyone is making the switch

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