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Our software

We are more than just software developers, we are Shopify store owners too. I started this company because I am a Shopify store owner and I hated all of the other software written for Shopify.

We don’t make apps for BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Walmart or Amazon. We only have eyes for Shopify. That means we don’t make compromises when it comes to integrating tightly with Shopify. We use all of the same terminology and patterns. We even use the same software as Shopify!
Our promise

Your time is valuable. We want you to focus on your business, not your technology choices. You shouldn’t have to waste your time with tools that don’t understand your needs. If you’re ever spending too long with our apps to get your work done, send us a message and maybe we can make our tools better. We’d love to hear your feedback.

We pride ourselves on customer service. If ever you have questions or need advice, simply reach out. When you contact us you will be directly in touch with Marc, the company owner. Call him: 514-943-8996

We’re also pretty vain. We like our apps to look good. This isn’t old-school “enterprise” software here. There’s no reason that business software can’t look and feel as good as the latest social network. We’re human and looks matter. We try hard to make your time with us as nice as possible.

About us

We’re a small 2 person company. We obsess over our products and we hope that that shows. Please try us out and see the difference that good software can make.

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Our passionate team

As a Shopify store owner myself, I created Horse to take the pain out of inventory.
Father of 2 with a deep understanding of technical systems.